General information

There you are. Played well, but lost again. You thought you had control but didn’t succeed. How come? Why? What are the mistakes? What is causing this?

There are different ways to look at a game of snooker. You can observe players that play and want to win a match. But you can also look more profoundly to the game because there is a game within a game. Watching how players act and react when it comes to taking hurdles, confronting setbacks, problems, patterns in behavior, emotions, frustrations, pressure etc. The player who is able to withstand and counter this all will use this strength to make the difference on occasions when it really matters.

When it come to the mental game, it is very important:

- to work towards targets and to keep your main goal clear in your mind (targeting),

- to focus with consciousness (orientated focusing),

- to stay in the present because there is only now (positioning)

- and by all means stay positive.

Never underestimate the importance of all these items. It is really easy to fall back to bad habits, negative or incomplete thinking patterns and more often than needed we hold everything and everyone responsible, but ourselves. True sportsmen have the correct attitude. They approach the game with respect professionally. The moment they stop doing this their level will drop down immediately. The proper way to prepare yourself is like reinforcing the foundations of your game, in fact even of your own identity.

Everybody can learn this. So you to! It is just a way of how you look at things, how you prepare yourself to a game and surmount all mental flaws.