Prosnooker highlights the importance of informing you well, so that you are able to absorb and learn things, even to question things or reject them. We would be very glad you went passed ignorance and replace it by knowing, feeling, sensing, et.

Admit it. How many times has your ignorance lead to making wrong shots, wrong positional play and wrong decisions and wrong thinking? And how many times has this lead to losing the frame or even a match? Too often!

What is causing your ignorance is very easy to explain. It is you! When you are satisfied in the way things are going, that is fine. Using ignorance as an excuse for not doing anything or having done anything is a form of laziness. We accept it. But don’t start  complaining and  moaning after having lost because of a particular shot, while at the same time you were presented dozens of chances to win the frame. It is time for you to face reality!

When ignorance is the cause for losing games for quite a long time, without trying to find a solution, we are wondering how you will turn this situation around? Through experience? This might take a long time, a very long time. There are other solutions to this problem.

1) You could e.g. watch a lot of snooker on the television, record it, watch again to analyse the way the game is played. You can look at why and how shots are played.

2) Or you can ask players about this. This also seams a good method because there is a direct interaction and discussion. The only problem that can occur is talking to the wrong people.

Doing nothing is like walking backwards.  A change can be made through action taken. Keep looking for answers, keep questioning yourself.

Should your ignorance be the outcome of ‘I am better and know more than all the others’ we wish you good luck. This attitude is supported through a load of egocentric behavior and lunacy. You will not make many friends. We sometimes see this with coaches when they are overprotective and withholding information (not only because they don’t want to share, but also because they don’t know themselves). When working with a snooker player, the player is entitled to know why things go wrong. He is entitled to correct and clear information. Not knowing things as a player has a huge impact on his result and growth.

‘You just keep trying until you succeed.’ is not entirely a constructive approach to assist a player. Nor playing a shot 10 times, and being left in the dark way you missed your first 9 attempts. And finally when you make the shot hearing ‘Good shot! Told you. You can do it.’

Counter ignorance immediately. Know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Keep your eyes and ears wide open. Work hard to feel the right feeling, the right acceleration, the right cue movement and preparation. Acquiring knowledge, learning to see and feel, focus! This is all very important.

And when you are left in the dark, just ask. Ask your fellow player, a friend, or just ask us on the website. We do not pretend to know everything. But with our 25 years of experience and positive attitude towards players and people in general, we are convinced we can help you out.