General information

Throughout the years we have come across all kinds of different things. But always Prosnooker has focussed on the player. Our priority lies with the player and helping him/her out. The picture above says it all. We could write books on coaching, but here we will draw your attention to some of the issues and things that are very important in coaching and working with snooker players, or any sportsman in general.


ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE and know what you are saying …

In modern coaching a coach needs to acquire and possess knowledge. With intellect, reasoning and understanding he should be able to apprehend. With a keen eye he needs to be able to see how things work and interact together. Partially he should also be aware of how the mind works for this can be very decisive during match play and during practice. He needs to be able to see, to feel and to listen to what is really happening. All this with a driven force of motivation and positivism.


Knowledge adapted by your own, or thriving on your experience as a player can contribute a lot, but can not cover all. ‘Okay, you missed the pot. Try again.’ can be insignificant to some extent. Imagine how the player feels like. He is there to learn and improve. So he needs to understand first. You as a coach should provide the correct information. So knowledge is required!


Sometimes a problem can originate out of different causes or just one. A coach should be able to look and see how they all interact and be able to stipulate exactly the origin of problems. By doing so he should be aware of the fact that the origin of a problem can differ should 2 players show the same problem. You just can’t copy and paste things.




Getting involved is like being committed to the job. You can get involved in many ways, e.g. by showing attention, by listening, through adapting, through pointing out details, by handing over good advice, by asking questions, etc.

Being involved also means that the problems, the player is facing, also need to be the coach’s problem. Every player facing problems needs to get the coach’s unconditional attention.  A total coach is a person who puts ‘giving’ in front of ‘receiving’. He shouldn’t be self-orientated or be egocentric throughout his work.


WHAT WE OFFER (to players as well as to other fellow assistant-coaches)


Our commitment to you as a player or assistant-coach to help you in all kinds of matters related to snooker:


- by evaluating you during practice sessions and giving feedback,

- by developing your technique and social skills,

- by further developing your personality and visibility.


Should you have questions on this subject, please contact us. We would like to help you out in private or at the club.