'CONTROLLING the cue ball' requires technique, focus, mental strength, timing, touch and many more things. Everything should be perfect iin order to master the white.


Easy you say? Well, let us be honest. Sometimes yes, but actually ... no. But don't let this scare you off. You will encounter good and bad moments. When trying to control the cue balll, you sett off to a journey ... sometimes you will come across difficulties. Not we, you or any professional is an exception to this rule.  We all have to work hard, really hard.


This chapter will provide you with information on how cueing works. It all may sound basic, but it is important for you to understand the dynamics, to gain in consciousness and hit the ball with conviction. Don't let discourage yourself. Practise does make perfect ... well ... nearly anyway.


Be a winner in your mind!



 - Don’t just hit the ball to hit it. Be aware of how the cue is being delivered. A proper technique goes hand in hand with feeling the ball. Be aware of that.

- Automatisms on the table are the results of many hours of practice and repetition of shots.

- Work on your basic swing and basic shot to enhance control of the ball.

- Avoid any intention of hitting on the ball. Instead try to push the ball with an acceleration towards the object ball. That is where the target should be. It will help you guiding the cue more properly.

 - Remain with the shot after the cue has hit the white ball. The idea is not that your shot ends while hitting the ball, but starts while hitting it !!


Everything is about controlling the cue ball. So let’s go!