Mental Game

In this chapter we want to put the emphasis on the mental aspect of the game. This aspect is to be regarded as the far most important key to success. By informing you on the mental aspect, we are not withholding you from any kind of information.

Mentally preparing correctly is like (re)programming yourself to certain stadia where you work on a positive and constructive attitude. It is a work in progress that already starts with your preparation and ends with your gameplay and evaluations. Finally, in all this the key factor is YOU. You, preparing yourself to display as good as possible, over and over again.

So far so good. But surely this does not stand for players who are to be considered low average? Wrong! The main reason why players fail at the snooker table is because they fail mentally. It is said ‘if you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail’. Many small mistakes are made when it comes to attitude, way of thinking, regardless their level of play. With professionals it doesn’t show that much because they know how important the mental aspect contributes to achieving a good result. It is like a game within a game. They have to pass the (mental) test for themselves otherwise they can not perform well.