Body and stance

All books, instruction videos or discs from the last few decades, to present snooker to the public were more or less sharing the same ideas and thoughts regarding body position and stance.


Prosnooker realize that not one stance or body position is adaptable for all players. Different players will sense a certain position differently. So we do not pinpoint ourselves blindly to one stance.


 - As a player, always listen to what your body is telling you. Call for help to have things explained and to understand the interaction of all elements related to a body position.    

- Even if your stance or body position is different from what is to be known as ‘generally lined out’, AND not disturbing or hindering your cue action or body why bother? Just stick to it.   

- Reduce, as much as possible, all sorts of tensions and irritations in your body position, because every tension will be addressed through the cue to the cue ball and there for will influence your result.