Competitions & tournaments

Eager to participate in any sort of competition? In our country there are lots of possibilities. All competitions and tournaments are held from September on to June.

Club competition

Lots of clubs set up an internal competition to compete with fellow club players. When you join a club you will probably  be asked to join. Obviously you are free to decide yourself.

Interclub competition

On a provincial level  clubs are competing with one another in a weekly set  up with matches home and away. The format is a team of 3 players that compete with 3 player of the other club.

Regional tournaments (2)

1) Tournaments for certain categories of players (youth, ladies, veterans + 40 and + 50). Usually up to 5 tournaments a year. And also …

2) up to 5 A and B ranking tournaments.(conditions to participate can vary per province.)

You are allowd to participate both tournament set ups so your total becomes 10 regional tournaments.

National tournaments

Same principle as with our regional tournaments. Categories here are cadets, juniors, men, women, + 40 and + 50. There are 5 tournaments held for each categorie.

Belgium Ranking

Again 5 open ranking tournaments on a national scale, taken place consecutively in different provinces. A ranking is made up and allows you to qualify for the Belgian Championship.

Belgian Championship

Based on your provincial and national performance you can qualify for Belgian’s most prestigious tournament that always takes place in the month of May. Should you excel here you get a ticket for the European Championship.

Club competitions, as well as provincial and national tournaments can be found on the website of FSF. Once you become FSF member you can create your FSF account which allows you full access to subscribe automatically for tournaments and other interesting information.