Information where and how

It is most likely, the choise where you want to be playing at, will be determined geografically. It is obvious you will not jump in the car for a 50 mile drive, but instead you will be looking for a club nearby.  

Yet, we advice you to check out multiple clubs before making a final decision. Sometimes things like quality of the tables, the atmosphere, social aspects can be considered valuable to help you to choose.  

Eventually there are different ways for you to retrieve the information needed. You can simply inform with a club. Here on our website at ‘CLUBS IN FLANDERS’ you will find lots of addresses and website links of affiliated clubs. You can require information with the club owner, a club representative or chairman of the local club.  

Should this be going too fast you can check out these websites below first. You will find FSF (Flemish level) and BBSA (national level) as well as all the websites of our 5 Flemish subdivisions.

Interested in what goes around in our tiny Flemish snookering nation?

You can visit our Flemish snooker forum at

(*) VSF stands for Flemish Snooker Federation. It’s home office is at Gent. They are overviewing and regulating all national and provincial activities.