Who - what ?


Prosnooker saw the light around the turn of the century. Starting with activities informing the media and the general public about our national pride Bjorn Haneveer, not long after young people and adults were accompanied in their ambitions to snooker on national and international level.

By the time Prosnooker became well known to the public, a team of players was managed by Prosnooker. With an keen eye on detail and quality, a wide range of sports related and interhuman tools were presented to enhance awareness in thinking, feeling and dealing with all sorts of issues on a snooker table.


Quality over quantity!

Prosnooker like to make players aware of the way they act and interact. It is like a journey where you discover more about yourself and how you deal with this.

Upholding respect, snooker etiquette and a pleasant atmosphere allowing the human person  in the snooker player to develop, we strive for quality on a human level as well as on the snooker table.



Our Prosnooker statement implies a clear vision and a targeted approach. We see it our  task to make you better as a player or as an assistant (coach). The way we work has no secrets. It is simple, transparent and adjusted to each level of performance.

The road you decide to go, we go togethter.