In order to get a better view on the line of aim, we advice you to put your head as low as possible towards the cue.

Try to keep still while preparing the shot because each movement of the head may result in moving the body and will have an effect on the outcome of the shot.

Older people with neck or back trouble may find it hard to stay low with their head and make the curve to look forward. Don’t fight the pain. Bending slight through the knees is the best solution.

Players wearing pair of glasses are confronted with the upper rim disturbing clear view. A modified pair of glasses  nowadays can be bought with the optician.

Contact lenses can also solve the problems.

Once in a while we see a player with the cue next to his chin straight under his dominant eye. If it works, this is fine. Yet, this is not Always necessary. Prosnooker believe the best way is to use  both eyes and place the cue centered or nearly centered under the chin. Twisting the head slightly can also be of help.

We challenge you to experiment different positions of the head on the cue. Try to find what suits you best.