Why do we read so little on the wrist? Yet, to our opinion the wrist as a joint is crucial in our cue action.

Despite the fact you are performing a nice standard grip, we still advice to make sure not to move its position while cueing. At all times it should remain unchanged above the cue, before, during and after the shot. Should your wrist be positioned slightly to the left or right on the cue, there is no harm done. But when you finished your cue action the wrist should maintain this position.

You can check this with the lines (arrows) of the wood on the cue. When the wrist is twisting during your cue action, so will change the position of the veins on the cue.

BeĀ  alerted while hitting with much power. Too much force invites us to over accentuate the grip which can lead to twisting the wrist, thus also possible the direction of the cue. So be very careful. Preferably, the cue should go straight forward at all costs!