Help, the cue isn't gliding well enough ...

Sometimes the cue is not gliding smoothly on our bridge hand. Causes vary from humidity in the playing area, cold or sweaty hands. This can be very annoying. So, how do we solve this? Is there anything we can do about it?

1. Make sure your hands are always dry. Take along a small piece of cloth to dry them. When the venue seems to contain a lot of humidity you can use this as well on the cue.

2. Some people use talcum powder to smoothen the contact between hand and cue. But talcum powder and humidity do not combine that well. So be careful because in the end it can become sticky and have the opposite effect. To more dry circumstances talcum powder can be very effective. One disadvantage however … when you used some on your hand do not use the same hand to hold the cue ball. It will leave marks and stains.

 3. Shining polish indeed helps the cue glide swiftly on your bridge hand.  Years ago when we heard it for the fist time we thought ‘Shining polish?? Really??’ Up till now we didn’t do any research on this. But when we know more about this we will add the information here.

4. Pieces of plaster. There are different types of plaster you can buy at the shop. The one you need is the stretching kind  of plaster. You cut away the middle part (you normally use to cover a small wound). Both adhesive parts can be used to stick them on the part of the skin where the cue is gliding against. As it almost has the same color of the skin  you will not see a big difference.  

5. A glove. You can find this at the snooker shop, on the web, or even in some clubs they sell them. Known for quite a long time to billiard and pool players, making their entry to the game of snooker. The cue will find no trouble of gliding on your bridge hand. In fact, when you are not used to them be alerted for sometimes they glide even swifter over the bridge hand as with ideal conditions using your bear hand.


Any other ideas? Send them through. We will judge them and add them when approved.