1. After having played, make sure to put away the cue in its snooker case. Don’t leave it just lying about.

2. When putting away your cue standing, make sure to put it away fairly up straight to at least angle of 80°.

3. Never leave the cue behind in the car or on places where it encounters large differences in temperature or values in humidity.

4. When placing the cue in your case it is not a bad idea to wrap a small piece of cloth around the cue to tighten its position. You can also use a small piece of cloth to cover the tip for protection.  


1. Do not use sand paper on the shaft for enabling smoother gliding. It can leave marks and on long term it will uncover the veins of the cue for the  wood in between the veins is softer than the veins itself. After a while the surface of the cue gets all wrinkled. 

2. To clean the cue, use a damp piece of cloth. Rub off the dirt of the cue. Then finish immediately with a dry piece of cloth. By doing so the cue will start shining again. You will immediately feel the difference when you touch it. You will be amazed about the amount of dirt coming off the cue.

While wiping the cue with a damp piece of cloth do not touch the tip. The leather of the tip will suck in all the moist which will create a different contact when hitting the cue ball.

3. An extensive usage of the cue, together with a lot of changes of temperatures and humidity is wearing out the wood and has a slight corrosive effect. So at least once a year the wood of the cue needs extra attention. So first clean it with a damp cloth and dry it. Then you rub it in with some linseed oil. Stay away from the tip area!

When you covered it well you can leave the cue drying out for a couple of hours or even a full night’s sleep. Meanwhile the oil will shallow penetrate into the wood, which will restore its color, vitality and brio