Mass production or custom made? 

At any time it would be very unwise to buy a cue without having tested it or having played with it.

You need to feel the cue and see if there is the right connection. 

That is way we can not advise you on buying certain brands. It is all very personal. A player can have a very good feeling playing with a very cheap item, while other players don’t. We all differ as human beings.

But you have all liberty to yourself on informing properly, thus leaving you with the choice … do I buy one that is mass produced or do I settle with a custom made cue? 

In a shop you will find lots of different brands being mass produced. Each with their own peculiar settings. When there is a table at hand in the shop you can try out a few. Just take your time feeling and testing, for you will come across lots of differences with regard to diameter, weight, quality, type of wood, handmade, production made. So it is quite obvious prices do vary a bit. And most important of all, make sure the cue is well balanced and perfectly straight. Just roll it over the counter or on the table to see if it wobbles. There is a certain degree where you can still use it, but when it wobbles too much do not buy it. To our opinion items presented in shops for customers do also need to meet certain standards. So when you find yourself a decent one … buy it and cherish it. 




When you want to have a snooker cue that meets high demands and add a personal touch you can visit an artisan or craftsman with an eye for detail and passion for manufacturing snooker cues in particular. The service rendered here will be different as from the shop’s assistant who sells mass production cues. 

The cue will be custom made so you can intervene on lots of things like:


- balance of the weight of the cue, 

- how you want the sliced area on the butt to fit in your hand in relation to the veins in the wood, 

- position of the joint, 

- diameter at the gripping end, as well as of the shaft in the front, 

- total weight of the cue, 

- type of tip on the cue, 

- types of wood inserted, 

- types and colors of veneer, etc. 

When all is agreed upon you need to wait a bit and then you will be the proud owner of your own personalized snooker cue.


We have to admit. It may cost a bit more than the one you buy in a shop. But the piece you own is unique in its kind and you will experience lots of joy with it while playing. You don’t have to be scared for the cue to bend for the real craftsman deals with this problem using only dried out wood.