The butt

This truly is a masterpiece of art.  

Working on the butt of the cue consist of:

- inserting the second part of the joint, to match up with the other part of the joint of the shaft,

- providing an additional joint at the back end of the cue for connecting extensions with different lengths,

- all sorts of personal decoration.

Usually dark hard tropical wood like e.g. ebony is used. The butt also consists beautiful decorative colorful lines that are made by inserting veneer during the manufacturing process. There are almost like no limits to the shapes, color or type of wood used. Everything is true craftsmanship with love, devotion and a lot of patience.


Veneer are very thin layers of wood (usually colored) that are put in between the splices and the cue to highlight the cue with one or multiple colorful stripes. This needs to be taken care of with precaution for the cue needs to undergo multiple steps in the milling machine.

We invite you to enjoy some of the examples below.  (click to enhance)