Centre ball

The things we can say on this subject are almost endless. So instead we provide some general ideas:

- controlling the cue ball is a key factor. Whether you are doing this with central ball striking or with side, 

 - using side, the cue ball its first intention will always be to go to the opposite side, 

 - using side, deflection of the cue ball will always depend on 3 items: 

         1) the amount of side used 

         2) the hitting power/intention 

         3) how the cue is absorbing the impact of the shot.


Lots of players still use side primary for their positional play without using cushions. Depending on the line of aim they are using more of less side to widen the angle of reaction when the cue ball hits the object ball. This thought carries some value, but it should not  determine your positional play in such a way. Instead you should work towards positional play using these 4 elements:

 - the height of cueing in the ball, 

- the strength used, 

- the acceleration through the ball, 

-  he length of your follow through.

When you lose position on the table, you should try to detect why. Sometimes it is one of the 4 elements mentioned above or a combination of different ones.

We at Prosnooker do not recommend the use of side when this is not needed. You can achieve all sorts of positions without using side. We also believe that a player should discover first the cue ball’s reaction playing without  side. But when the cue ball is going towards its position by using contact with a cushion after it has hit the object ball, then everything changes. Using side here, can benefit to (or ruin) your position. 



Did you know that when you hit the ball in an angle without any side, there will be a very small amount of side spin in our cue ball when it is bouncing off the object ball.