To follow up a shot

This means that after the white ball has been sent off, the player still stays in his cueing position for a brief moment. And this for 2 reasons why:

1) by doing so you will avoid any body movement to affect the outcome of the shot,

2) it is very important you capture the picture in your mind. This will speed up your learning abilities. That is why we encourage to repeat playing similar shots in practice.

We make a summary of reasons WHY PLAYERS MOVE TOO QUICKLY:

- by developing too much power,

- the body movement is used to put something extra into the shot,

- mentally the player is not sticking to playing the shot, but already with its position or running line,

- because of a feeling of uncertainty or fear.

So we certainly disapprove on quick head or body movement just after you  hit the ball. When you keep on doing this the body recognizes the body movement as part of the cue action. When the action of the body  is following the cue action too quickly, it will endanger the outcome.