Preperation of the shot

On the one hand you have your preparation while standing straight and on the other hand while performing your cue action.

While standing it is vital you take your time to watch, to feel and finally make a choice. Before going down on the shot you need to be sure of the what and the how. While standing up straight you do all the thinking.

It may sound as a cliché, but it really is important to maintain eye contact with the line of aim while going down in the shot. Very often players tend to lose contact with this line when they position their second foot while performing a stance. The head tends to follow the body as this is shifting from one side to another. He will address himself to the line of aim again while bending forward.

On the picture above you notice that the head’s position is not changed.

Once in your final body position, preparing the shot enhances your feeling and timing. It can help a player to execute some final checks. Make sure you develop a certain pattern in the way you move the cue. Too much variation while performing your cue action will have a negative impact on timing and result. Use the same pattern to prepare yourself and you rmind-set.

Also the importance of the moments where you pause slightly or hold still for a brief moment are underestimated and commonly overlooked. These moments are equally important as to the moments the cue is moving.