Help, I miss the pot ...

It happens to all of us, doesn’t it?

Is it bad? Is some cases this can have huge consequences like losing a frame or even a match. But try to learn from the experience and work harder for there is always a reason why you missed the pot.


1) Nobody likes losing. It is within our nature to win and be successful for this brings us joy and happiness. But at the same time we have to deal with the fact that, as a human being, the best you will ever get is to near perfection, or hold it just briefly. That’s the way it is. And so your imperfection is perfect!

The most important thing is that you are committed and give yourself for 100% to the game and your performance. When having  done this, you can not blame yourself afterwards.

2) Observe and learn! Now that you know that you are imperfect and sometimes make mistakes, try to learn and improve. Try to mould negative experience into a positive thought or action.


3) Don’t hold negative thoughts and experiences within yourself. The worst thing that can happen  is to  sit down and overload yourself with negative criticism and whining. Only a few moments later your opponent misses and you have to get back to the table. So be positive, stay focused and get ready.

4) Be responsible and be brave enough to admit you did not perform well. Don’t display evasive behavior and run for the exit. You are the only one who is responsible for the actions taken on a table. People who always hold other responsible for their loss are not honest people.

5) While preparing a shot, never think of the possibility to miss the pot. Thinking about this will initiate fear. You will freeze mentally and physically with the outcome that your thoughts will turn into reality. Or with other words … what you think, you create. So approach every shot with a positive thougth. There is no room for negative thoughts!

6) Some advice ...  be a gentleman! Don’t make a scene at the table. So don’t display misbehavior and act like a stupid arse, hoping some people might respond to it. Show respect. The further you get distracted from the things that really matter, the harder it will be to get back into the game and focus again. A player who doesn’t control himself mentally-emotionally is like putting your head on the chopping-block. Guess who is holding the sword?

These are all just mere thoughts on attitude and missing pots. We agree. Sometimes things may look very difficult to handle. But that is all in the game, isn’t it? That is what’s making the difference. Staying positive in your thinking and acting, automatically leads to hitting the ball in a positive way.

We discourage the attitude where you want to fight this all. The things you want to fight are bigger than yourself. In fact you are not fighting things but yourself. Inner peace can only be achieved through acceptance and not through resistance. And more over don’t act as if you are a victim of circumstances. Just stop it! Free yourself from your chains and use every opportunity. Even when the opportunity hurts like hell.