Abdominal breathing

Practise yourself in extensive abdominal breathing and you will find more joy in your life.

Lots of people only breathe air to the lungs. Actually this is insuffient. Air goes straight to our lungs while our thorax expands.

While breathing you should use your midriff more and practice abdominal breathing. When you inhale first thing that will expand will be your belly and afterwards your lungs. By doing this there will enter more air into your lungs for you expanded your thorax first and your lungs have now more space to expand as much as possible. The more air gets in, the more oxygen.

Breathing out is the entire process in reverse. Belly flattens with slight tension of muscles and air will be pressed outside. By pressing in the chest you will empty your lungs more. At the same time you will experience tension in the belly area, thus preparing itself for the next inhalation.

The picture is showing a laying position of the body. You can put your hands on your stomac, or any other kind of object during the breathing exercise. Your main goal should be to start breathing abdominally all the time.