Evasive behavior

‘It’s not my fault!’. ‘The other one had sheer luck.’ ‘Lightning of the table was poor, balls weren’t properly cleaned, incapable referee, terrible cushions, damp cloth, etc.’

How easy we are referring to external causes. They sound harmless, but the intention behind it is not. In psychology the cause for such behavior often dates back to childhood when neglected or humiliated and the person involved was not able to be his or her self. In order to avoid this feelings to show up again, they show lack of responsibility and point out all sorts of other causes of a mishappening or an incident.

Nobody likes to lose. You don’t and we don’t. But a true sportsman will also take into account his own shortcomings as a cause for having lost a match. Sure he strives to win. But failure is a normal human aspect of life. You have to learn to accept this as well. It is all part of the process. Without failure you can not become a true champion. Allowing yourself to fail is a good virtue. It is allowing yourself to be who you really are. Please understand that allowing yourself to fail doesn’t imply you only have to put 85% of effort in it.

Should you have some problems with this, and you notice that fleeing is your natural response, you fail to look at yourself in a proper way. You are more orientated and focusing on your surroundings, in trying to uphold your own image and ego.

Fleeing or evading behavior in the world of sports is like revealing your inner weakness and lacking a form of respect for yourself and your opponent(s). By digging deeper in trying to resolve this, we come across a person with an identity problem. When you want to get rid of this problem you should get more in touch with yourself, gradually change your way of thinking and feeling. Usually it is a long term task but believe our words … at the end it will be all worth it as your mind and body are set free.