It represents ‘doing nothing’ but also ‘inertia’, ‘incapacity’, ‘powerlesness’, ‘emptyness’ or ‘meaninglessness’ .

Did you really believe things will happen or change without doing anything? It is important to set goals you want to achieve, preferably with intermediate steps. Not that many people are able to achieve great things without having put in an effort. The only few are either to be very lucky and very exceptional. On purpose we are not referring to the aspect of talent. There is a huge disagreement between coaches and scientists whether talent exists or not.

Acutally is it rather easy … when you want to acquire things or improve  you will have to undertake action. You have to want to do something. Without the will and conviction to do it, nothing will happen. Cherishing ambitions demand deeds.

By the way, in the medical area we are warned for the impact of laziness to the body and brain. You tend to neglect their functions. In neuroscience they will advise you to train your brain as much as possible for laziness will lead you to lack of confidence. This will decrease your zone of comfort enormously and will affect your rhythm of life, your eating patterns, social environment, job etc. (just look for neurotrofines and neurotransmitters on the web and you will see what we mean).

To us it is obvious. The only way getting out of the chaos is by undertaking action. One day more in you lazy chair is one day too many!