We notice stress symptoms are displayed on 4 different levels: 

- physically,

- in behaviour,

- rationally, and

- emotionally.





Here we are thinking of muscle contractions and muscle tension. Should muscle not given enough time to recover they get into a state of fatique or weariness.  


symptoms        headache - tension in shoulders, upper back and/or neck area 

                           hyper ventilation 

                           stomache problems,  tinteling hands and/or feet 

                           tiredness - restlessness

                           sleeping problems etc. … 




in this category your surroundings may pick up signals that you have changed, or acting differently. Usually you start to worry once it gets out of hand. It is advized to maintain good social life and have yourself checked properly and regularly. Talk to people and try to find out how they react to your behaviour.


symptoms         being extra critical to others and to yourself

                            intolerance - short fuse -  amendable easily

                            problems with focussing (on 1 thing)

                            excessive behaviour using alcohol or drugs 

                            suffering from tics - getting nervous easily - not controlling yourself

                            problems with fixed deadlines and priorities




These can be linked to certain patterns of behaviour. The tricky thing here is they can are not to underestimated because behind it all is a rational strategy. Negative reasoning sometimes is a result of analysing yourself incorrectly or as a result of a bad situation, implying also low self-esteem of lack of self-awareness.  


symptoms       negative thoughts  -   low self-esteem

                          having difficulties taking decisions

                          having difficulties focussing

                          worrying a lot

                          forgetting things easily

                          having difficulties setting priorities 




Emotional complaints usually are linked to the way people think and symptoms of behaviour. People tend to find it difficult being happy. Although it is sensed by the people around the person, he or she are suffering emotionally much longer.


Symptoms        feeling agitated - short fuse

                           feeling nervous, stressed 

                           feeling like crying

                           feeling numb to your surroundings - lack of interest in people

                           loosing commitment

                           feeling of fear and/or guilt


Should some of you recognize things, it may be time for you to self-reflect. How do you look at yourself? How do others look at you? Talk to friends, partner, family.


Should stress be integrated in your life severely, I invite you to ask yourself a simple question ... 'Am I happy, and do I make others happy?' Should complaints occur on a mental level, please consult a doctor or a psychologist. Sometimes you need to fuel your tank again. It all starts with taking the time to look at yourself and having the nerve to say things are not the way they should be. There is nothing to be ashamed about. The way we look at ourselves, it is not a pure image. It has flaws. Don't be afraid to confront you with these things.