This is why you miss the pot ...

We all can name a few causes why we miss a pot. Prosnooker believe the  main causes are:

- wrong judgement of the angle,

- wrong timing in the ball,

- technique is letting you down (cueing sideways, body movement, unintentional side, etc.),

- mentally not prepared correctly.

Perhaps you may recognize some of them. Let us tell you that underneath the items mentioned there are other casues. They are the key reasons why you miss the pot. Sometimes a player lacks experience or basic skills. But in general there are only 2 causes: technical or mental failure. And even lots of the technical shortcomings are generated out of a mental aspect.


Through lack of experience?

Visual problems?

Too quick?

Too easy?

Lack of concentration?


Preparing incorrectly in your inner self?

Lack of purpose?

Not involved?

Lack of concentration?


We can refer  to  all sorts of technical shortcomings or even mental disfunctioning. Technically there is a huge list of things that can go wrong and will lead you to missing the pot. E.g position behind the shot, wrong stance, wrong cue action, wrong eye sight, body movement etc. When the mental aspect is the main reason, you can almost always link it to fear or uncertainty. They both have a huge impact on the technical aspect because of the fact that we display who we are and what we feel. At the end a player feels like not controlling his cue action to its full potential.



Lack of focus?

Bad experience?

Feeling not well?

We have to admit missing pots is quite natural. Of course you’ll be disappointed. But don’t let it get you down. Missing a pot or not performing well, is what should make you stronger. Keeping making the same mistakes without any progress sounds isn't getting you anywhere.

Don’t underestimate the mental task that is lying ahead of you. This is serious business and hard work. Sitting in your lazy chair, thinking it will all pass in time is nonsense. We need a positive attitude. Only then you can make progress.

Show resilience. Go to the table and practice, look for the reasons why things go wrong. Don’t ignore your flaws. Making progress as an player is making progress as a human being, because you will discover more about yourself. Try to hit the ball with touch, conviction and a purpose. Get involved. Get committed for 100%.