Low self-esteem

The image that creates our self-esteem is being formed at very young age and is the result on the things you came across, or of what others told you. After a while this has an effect on  your behavior. This can be either positive, negative or a mix of both.

For years, we at Prosnooker apply a saying that goes ‘The way a player is living his life, he plays snooker.’. Because the way you think and feel about yourself determines your behavior, it is really important you think  positive about yourself. We at Prosnooker are not qualified medically to tell you. But it is certain that people with low self-esteem appear  to be insecure and uncertain, thus left with low self-confidence. The word self-confidence says all. Feeling confident in who you are, what you do and  how you feel. Lacking this at the snooker table is very dangerous.

The smaller you picture yourself in your head, the bigger others get. We see this very often in the world of sports. It is the outcome of negative and wrong thinking. Thoughts are always one step ahead of actions. When thougths are negative it will be very difficult to perform well with the right attitude and confidence.


Having troubles with self-esteem, it is time for you to look at this with judgement and critical review. In our example of low self-esteem, a negative input about yourself is controlling you. The idea is to deal with the image in order to change its display.

First of all focus on positive thoughts and qualities that you possess and confirm them verbally to yourself. The verbal aspect is important because it sends a strong signal to the brain. Also try to put yourself in a positive radiance and do things that provide a good feeling. Old negative habits and feelings should be countered with positive thoughts and positive verbal input. After a while you will notice things look different. Things start to change.

On a snooker table it is very important to stay in your comfort zone and execute things you know you are capable of doing. When you leave this comfort zone you expose yourself continuously to things you have not mastered. So it is best not to focus too hard on them but to start from your own qualities and put the focus on what you are able to do. The same goes when playing your opponent. Put the focus on your own abilities and never on the ones of your opponent. Stay within yourself. Putting the emphasis too much on your opponent is holding you down from performing well. If you do so, the mind will start doing funny things with you. And very quickly you will think how bad your game and performance is.

A player practicing snooker should only worry about himself. So it is vital to nurse your thoughts. Focus on your positive qualities. And should you possess only little, work hard to acquire more.